Choosing the right tattoo studio on the Gold Coast

The increasing popularity of tattoos on the Gold Coast has burgeoned into a wide range of styles and specialist artists.  Tattoo styles and designs have become specialisations with various tattoo studios. With this, the choice of a tattoo studio, Gold Coast depends on the desired tattoo style and design.

The wide variety of tattoo styles can be confusing to a first-timer. However, choosing the right one the first time around should be seriously considered, given the permanency of tattoos.

You can never live down a stupid tattoo mistake, making it imperative to choose the right tattoo studio, Gold Coast to be inked.

As mentioned, tattoo studios have different specialisations. Choosing well means knowing what you want and pairing the choice with the right tattoo studio.

Tribal style

Tattoos seem to have originated from tribal tattoos. The different cultures using tattoos offer their customised style that is still as popular as it was up to today. The intricate designs of tribal tattoo sizes can range from entire body coverage to the smallest size possible.

Old School and Traditional style

 Classic tattoo styles are the things to think of when choosing old-school and traditional tattoo styles. The trademarks of this type of tattoo are the bright colours and bold black lines.

Realism style

Aptly named, realistic tattoos are the designs you get from realism-style tattoos. Realism tattoos can be gray, black, or in colour. Looking true to life is the outstanding feature of this kind of tattoo style. If you want your tattoo to look like the real thing, a realism-style tattoo is a perfect choice.

Neo-Traditional style

While a lot of inspiration from old-school tattoo styles is used by the neo- traditional tattoo style, it comes with a unique twist. The tattoo is more true to life mixed with non-traditional and bold colours done in finer lines. Combining the old with the new is the perfect way to describe neo-traditional tattoo styles.

Watercolour style

The simple explanation for the increasing popularity of watercolour tattoos is women. Women, in past decades, did not consider tattoos a fashion trend, until watercolour tattoos happened. The delicate and beautiful designs that flow over the skin make the watercolour tattoo the perfect choice for women.

Japanese style

A perennial favourite, the Japanese tattoo has been a popular style hundreds of years ago up to today. The symbolism and distinct look provided by the Japanese tattoo is storytelling in ink form.

Blackwork style

Tattoos that only use black ink and no other colour best describe the Blackwork style. The design can be a very complex or very simple one. Whatever the choice, one thing is sure: the great style of the Blackwork tattoo will always stand out.

Aesthetic style

Appreciating the beauty of nature is the main focus of the aesthetic tattoo. The tattoo design is meant to evoke a pleasurable feeling with people looking at the tattoo. The tattoo can be in colour or black, small or big, and can be almost anything as long as it looks pleasing aesthetically.

Tattoo studio specialisations are there to cater to all the needs and want of their customers. It also makes the choice easier for their customers. Many tattoo studios can specialise in many tattoo styles, depending on the number of tattoo artists they have. Learn more about our tattoo specialisations by contacting us at Blackmarket Tattoo Gold Coast.